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I ll Be There CD Cover Clinark ft Adele HarleyA Message from Clinark


I am working  hard on more promotion my new song Jackson 5 cover, I'll be There feat Adele Harley.
RIP Micheal Jackson, the greatest entertainer of all time. The song is dedicated to him.

Check out my new video release this summer of the song ‘It’s True which is a song on my ‘Journey to Foreign’ album featuring Hawaiian/Jamaican songstress, Irie Love. It was filmed in the UK on location outside our Studio in Leyton East London UK in July last year. We also filmed at South End Beach - it was so cold in the morning in May this year, thankfully the day brightened up and we finished the day in Jubilee Park, Edmonton London.

Thanks to Chris Cargill, Director, Editor Jesse Bamfro and Lee Tarrier of DOF Films for this production, as we met them last year as film students, after our first project 'Life in the Ghetto' music video, they are developing well. Thanks also to camera man Tony Redman who filmed some of the footage. And all the people in the video who managed to turn up on the day at short notice and of course Henry 'Buttons' Denyue, on the Trombone who travelled from the coast on the day. Special thanks to my manager, Juliet Edwards who pulled everything together despite suffering from a serious illness for 3 years, and holding down a day job, thank God she’s well now. And to her Mom & Dad, who appear in the video, alongside, Juliet’s brothers, Rob and Tony - Tech T   more of her family, Nephews   Anthony Jacobs , R&B singer, Junior Swaby AKA Oaks, and  Jason -The famous DJ Pioneer of Kiss FM.

ITS TRUE Video shoot Clinark and Irie Love At Nurture Projects Studio UK B
Thanks to DJ's Gammo Speng, Daddy Ernie, from Choice FM, and Vibes FM who have been playing my tunes cos they like them! Also to Daddy Fridge and Mr T.from lightning FM who loved the song so much, they are actually in the video!  More thanks, Moureen and best wishes to beautiful baby Jahiem. Not forgetting those that put the album together, Dillie at Stingray Records, Mafia & Fluxy, Stanley Andrews, Kofi & Barbara Knapp who couldn’t make it on the day. And all my fans out there and DJ's who spin my tunes. I have placed a link to the video from You Tube - hope you like it!


Clinark - The Reggae Torch


I ll Be There CD Cover Clinark ft Adele HarleyClinark-The Reggae Torch releases cover of Jackson 5 classic    
 "I'll Be There" Clinark Feat. Adele Harley

Clinark delights fans with the release of this outstanding cover of the Jackson 5 hit single, I'll Be There,' featuring Adele Harley, He brings an outstanding rendition of this modern classic. He is still rising high with his current album ‘Journey to Foreign’ but says he was inspired to do this song. Clinark said ` The Jackson 5 were one of my favourite groups as a youth. I was just harping back to those days and sang a long a bit to the song and then my manager, Juliet Edwards   heard it and said I might as well record it for later. Well by the time I had the first demo vocal I was driven and by the time I had finished, Dillie and Mafia and Fluxy and Stanley Andrews had built this amazing track and to top it all Adele Harley came up with these amazing vocals.’

Sadly 4 days after announcing the pre-release of the song, the world heard that Michael Jackson had died. Clinark said ‘I am truly devastated to hear of Michael Jackson’s passing, the world has certainly lost the most gifted entertainer of all time. I have dedicated the track in memory of him.’ The single is available now on MP3 download from and from ITunes, Napster, and CD Baby, Amazon etc this month. The tracks are released under Clinark’s own label, Nurture Projects Music. Look out for the accompanying music video, due out shortly.

New Single CD single track list:

(a) I'll Be There Clinark Feat. Adele Harley -Radio Mix (4.17)

(b) I'll Be There Clinark Feat Adele Harley- Rub a Dub mix (4.17)

( c) I'll Be There Clinark Feat Adele Harley - Acapella mix (4.17)  

(d) I'll Be There Clinark Feat Adele - Version (4.17)


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