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  1. Hi, I am visiting my old high school, in Bermuda tonight, I will tell you all about it when I get back.
    Clinark Dill
    Hi just an update, the school has changed a lot, did a couple of tracks from the new album. Angel Eyes & Dem Come.
    Here's some info about the fair by entertainment coordinator Bim Bademosi

    The Sandys Secondary Middle School P.T.A is holding it's Annual Fair. It's a fund raiser for the P.T.A to raise money to aid in the purchase of supplies for the school. particularly the music department.
    Persons to be invited are ex-students, staff, parents and persons in the community. Sandys is a huge community, and many dignataries have attended and taught there.
    Performing that day, ,Clinark ,Lady Tyson, Francine Brown, Ebony Butterfield . These persons have all attended the school.