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Welcome to Riviera Roots Wear.I started import and export trading in Bermuda in the 90's.Pictured is me in was my first shop in the UK in 2005. I went on to rekindle my singing carreer and have  2 shops online. You can still purchase my CD's on here. Journey to Foreign is sold out but I am considering repressi
Please email us if you cant find the item listed and we will try and obtain it for you. Email: [email protected]
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This is the lip balm, the skin cream, the hair pomade, wound healer and so much more all contained in a healthy little glass jar. I have found nothing like it and I want to share it with all of y

Sorry We are out of stock, but you can still order products if confirm in the desription that we are expectihg new stock.

Welcome to our Riviera Roots Wear Shop. 

We have most of Clinark and Nurture Projects Music CD's in Stock/

We supply Solar Lights, Air Conditoners to Bermuda Only 

We are out of stock with Fragranced Oils, T-Shirts and Rootswear.

Have a browse!  


Thanks, Clinark